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Health and hydration

water lily in pond

Water’s pretty special stuff. And so are we. So it’s fitting that from our brains to the tips of our toes, around 70% of our body is made of water.

Because we lose water with every breath we take, even when sleeping, it’s really important to stay hydrated by regularly topping up. Even if you’re a little bit dehydrated it can cause a loss of concentration, headaches, muscle fatigue and an increase in heart rate.

All this means that a bottle of pure as can be Highland Spring water is a pretty precious thing to have with you when on the go.

Whether the simple pleasures of our still spring water, or the joy of thousands of little bubbles in sparkling Highland Spring, a handy 500ml bottle to pop in your bag, or a bigger bottle in the fridge at work (where a courteous Post-it note can help fend off tempted co-workers), stay hydrated with Highland Spring and you’ll be full of the joys all day long.