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There’s nothing better for you than getting outside and active with your family. Of course that’s not always possible, like when Mother Nature begins the long process that results in fresh Highland Spring. Or raining, as it’s more commonly known.

Not everyone loves the rain as much as we do so here you’ll find some games and activities to keep you and your little rascals busy if you’re stuck indoors.

Mole launch panel

Mole Launch

Challenge your school friends and family to see who can launch the Highland Spring mole the furthest in this joyful game of skill and good fortune.

Play Mole Launch

Bottle band image 04

Bottle Band

The ultimate musical challenge for any aspiring maestro or just a bit of fun for a rainy afternoon? The Highland Spring Bottle Band will keep you and the family entertained for hours.

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Skittles game

Bottle skittles

Play this fun game solo or with friends and family using simply a ball, used Highland Spring bottles and a ruler or pencil. Great for getting active on your feet either indoors or out, our Skittle Game will leave the young and young at heart full of the joys of Highland Spring! Plus it’s great for helping young people develop key coordination skills.

Play bottle skittles

Colouring in

Colouring in

Ahhhh… the simple joys. Choose from our Highland Spring themed colouring-in downloads, for hours of fun bringing the pictures to life. Remember that proper hydration helps kids concentrate and that might mean less colouring over the lines!

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