Bottle skittles

Whether you've got your eye on the Kingpin or just want to spend some quality time with the family we have created an easy to use tutorial and instruction guide to transform your Highland Spring bottles into a ready made game of skittles. Simply print off the download pack, follow the instructions shown in the carousel below and unleash the hidden bowler within you!

How to play

Step 1: Getting prepared

First thing to do is to make a checklist so that you have got all of the equipment you will need to play Bottle Skittles. You can find a list of everything you need in the download pack which you can get by clicking the link above.

Step 2: Setting your distance

Next we have to set up our play area. We recommend that you set your marker approximately 6 adult steps or 9 child steps away from where your bottles will be.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings to ensure you are being safe at all times when playing.

Step 3: Arranging your bottles

Depending on how many bottles you are using, arrange them in a skittle formation with the single bottle facing towards you. This could be done in 1-2-3 formation or if you are going for the big one, why not try it with ten 'pins' as 1-2-3-4.

Step 4: The best bit

Now for the fun part!

Take turns standing at your marker point and give it everything you've got. Remember and stay well hydrated with Highland Spring when you are playing. Exercise is thirsty work!

Step 5: Tallying up

Once your game is over, relax and sit back as the scores are counted. Who is going to be the champion of your house and will mum or dad ever live it down when you beat them time and again?

Hope you have enjoyed your game of Highland Spring Bottle Skittles, got time for one last game?