Judy Murray

Tennis Coach

Judy Murray was former captain of the British Federation Cup team and a professional tennis player herself. She is also proud mum to Jamie and Andy, both Wimbledon champions! She amassed 64 titles in Scotland before briefly turning professional. She’s also coached many players at regional and national level as part of programmes ran by the Lawn Tennis Association.

You may also have seen Judy on the BBC One TV series Strictly Come Dancing, passing on some of her slick moves to a rusty Anton du Beke!

“In many ways we couldn’t do without the technology at our fingertips. It opens doors and allows us to connect instantly to the global community as as well as our own families.

“But the research has highlighted a concern amongst parents that the digital world, with all the alerts, texts, tweets, calls and instant messages it brings, can have a negative impact on how active families are today

“Tennis is the perfect solution. It can be played almost anywhere with a little bit of creativity and imagination. Our first ‘court’ was our driveway at home, with two chairs and a piece of rope for the net. The boys’ first ‘match’ was hitting balloons to each other across the sofa.

“Even if your time is limited, 10 minutes a day of simple but fun skill-building activities at home will help kids to develop a variety of skills, from coordination in both sides of the body to reaction time. The trick is to start simple and build confidence through success.

“With Highland Spring Mini Tennis sessions taking place across the country and a summer of tennis just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to pack your bottle of water, pick up a racket and get playing.”