Get fit with Coach Joy

Whether you’re in training for an event or just for whatever life throws at you next, here’s a few joy-filled ways you and your family can enjoy getting fit!

Coach Joy says…

“Why not play Crab football?”

illustration of boy and girl playing with football

Two or more people.

Score goals, get fit, have a giggle.

How to play
It’s just like football but all players have to be crabs! How do you be a crab? Have one arm and one leg on the ground at all times and your tummy up. Now go play football! This’ll really work those muscles.

Coach Joy says get fit with…

“Kangaroo Chaos”

illustration of boy and girl playing

Any number of people.

Be the person who can keep jumping the longest. It doesn’t get simpler or more fun.

How to play
Simply put your legs together, bend your knees and jump up and down. Make sure you’re pulling your knees all the way up to your tummy, and just do it as many times as you can. The person who lasts the longest wins; and is officially ‘King Kangaroo’.

If you want to really work up a sweat – lay out a course that you have to jump around!

Coach Joy says get fit with…

“Press-up tennis”

illustration of boy and girl doing pushups

Two or four players.

Throw the ball past your opponent.

How to play
You know what a press up is. You know what tennis is. Put the two together and you’ve got a real work-out that’s great fun! To start, put a piece of paper on the ground between the players. Now, with the players in the press-up position, you throw the ball to each other – catching and throwing with your one free hand. The ball has to hit the paper (or court) to count. The player that successfully lasts the longest or gets the most points past their opponent wins.

To make it harder do a clapping press-up between throws or move further from the paper.

It’s been a Joy coaching you!

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