Improve your tennis skills with Coach Joy

Whether you’re a McEnroe or a Mac and Cheese, everyone can improve their tennis skills. Let me help you with a few fun techniques.

Coach Joy says practise your racket skills with…

“Fish ‘n’ Chips”

illustration of boy and girl playing with tennis racquets

You can do this on your own or with others.

Improve racket skills by keeping the ball up.

How to play
The aim is to hit the ball with different parts of your racket every time – allowing just one bounce between shots.

To start, hit the ball with your racket facing up like normal… and shout ‘FISH’.
Immediately flip the racket and hit the ball up again with the other side… and shout ‘CHIPS.
Quickly flip the racket on to its side and hit the ball with the frame… and shout ‘SALT.
And then, flip the racket upside down and hit the ball with the base… and shout ‘VINEGAR’.

If you can manage that, try it without the bounce between shots.

Coach Joy says improve your aim with…

“Battleship Tennis”

illustration bag and jumper

Two or four people.

Hit the other players’ targets.

How to play
This game adds a little extra joy to normal tennis… and I like that!
In Battleship Tennis you have a normal court, but you also lay down five objects (jumpers, cups, bottles, pens etc) on the court on each side of the net. The aim is to beat your opponent as normal – but also to get bonus points for hitting their objects.

Make the objects smaller if you’re finding it too easy.

Coach Joy says improve your speed and shots with…

“Backhand / Forehand”

illustration of boy and girl playing with tennis racquets

Two or four people.

Hit the ball only using the shot the opponent calls out.

How to play
Just get your friend or family member and play a gentle game of tennis, but on each shot, as you hit the ball, you have to call out ‘Forehand’ or ‘Backhand’. Your opponent then has to hit your ball back to you using either the fore or backhand that you told them too. It requires a little more skill and little more running… good luck.

It’s been a Joy coaching you!

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