Warm up with Coach Joy

Warming up is very important as it helps prevent injuries. But it doesn’t have to be dull! Check out fun, family warm-up games with Coach Joy below.

Coach Joy says play...

“Volcanoes VS Spaceships”


You’ll need two or more people!

It’s simple. One team has to get all the items facing down (like a volcano), the other to get all the same items facing up (like a spaceship).

How to play
If you have mini cones, use them, if not just grab as many plastic plates and cups as you can and lay them half up, half down on the grass. When someone shouts ‘GO!’, Team Volcano has to flip them all so they look like volcanoes. Team Spaceship has to flip them down so they're like spaceships. The team that turns them all their way first, wins.

Want to make it harder?
The game can be played until all the cones are turned up or down or simply stopped at a certain time e.g. 30 secs, 1 minute etc. To make it harder, simply make the game longer and see who has the most stamina or play in a bigger space.

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“Dizzy Donkey”

dizzy donkey

A great game for two or more people.

It’s easy. Just be the person who catches the ball the most.

How to play
This great warm-up game is very simple. Just stand about 5 metres apart, facing each other. Then run in one big circle (still facing each other). While running you throw a soft ball to each other. If you drop it you have to put an arm behind your back and try and catch it one-handed next time. If you do catch the next throw (with one hand), you get your other arm back. If you miss more though, uh-oh, you also lose a leg and have to hop around. After that you have to close an eye. The next time you miss the catch you’re out. Try not to get too dizzy!

Coach Joy says play...


illustration boy and girls playing

A fun game for two or four players.

To get all the tennis or soft balls into the other teams’ side.

How to play
This is one of my favourites. Just find an area and split it into two; like a tennis court (use jumpers if you don’t actually have a net). Get loads of tennis balls (any type of ball will do really) and throw equally all over the two halves. Now you’re ready. When someone shouts ‘Switch!’ you have to grab and throw the balls into the other person’s half faster than they can throw them into yours! The person with the most balls in their half loses.

It's been a Joy coaching you!

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