Detective Joy's Photography Tips

Detective Joy loves to explore the outdoors and see what she can spy to take photos of! And she wants to help you get your family involved in the action. You don’t have to be a professional photographer you know. Just go for a woodland walk and let them get snapping - they’re bound to take some nature pictures to be proud of!

To help you get them started, Detective Joy has come up with a few child-friendly tips to share with them…

What’s Your Background?

what's your background

Make sure you consider what might be in the background of your picture. It’ll be really annoying if you take a neat picture of a bug, but there’s something in the background that ruins it.

Be adventurous, experiment

Be adventurous, experiement

When you’re taking pictures, try moving around and taking your shots at different angles. Maybe try a very low angle, go really close or even hide behind some leaves…

To the left, to the left

Tip 3

An easy way to make images interesting is not always put your subject in the centre of the picture. Try putting your subject to the left, or to the right.

Fill Your Boots

fill your boots

Don’t be afraid to get closer and fill your whole frame with the subject. Sometimes cropping in close can make a really interesting picture.