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Acres of unspoiled land. When you have a product as pure as ours, it’s only natural to want to protect it and we do that by caring for our hillside in lots of unexpected ways. Find out what it takes to protect our Source, what we’re doing in terms of recycling and how we are doing our bit for our native flora and fauna.

Guardian of the source

Blair Guardian

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Blair O'Connor

In everything Blair does, he protects the environment around our Ochil Hills catchment area, helping to maintain Highland Spring’s position as the leading ethical bottled water brand in the UK for nine years running.

Blair is required to go to great lengths to look after our hillside - the Source of Highland Spring. That means keeping it protected from anything and everything that doesn’t grow, hop or nibble at the wild heathers and grass that covers the land.

‘There’s nothing quite like the mystique of the Ochil Hills, looking after a natural resource and preserving the magnificent landscape. It’s my dream job and it’s my ambition to be uniquely good at it.’

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Raindrops keep falling

We bottle a lot of natural source spring water. But not as much as you might imagine. We extract just 3% of the total rainfall that falls on our Ochil Hills catchment area. And the rain keeps falling so while it might be bad news for sun worshippers, the good news is there’s plenty of Highland Spring to go around for years to come.

we extract only 3% of the total rainfall

By taking care of our land, we also help to take care of our local wildlife. And we try and do little extras to give more back to the environment. We work with Plan Bee – an organisation that offers sustainable ways to conserve the life of bees – and offer our plastic bottles to Froglife to be recycled as the perfect nesting boxes for newts.

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Because we love our environment, we’re proud to say that every single Highland Spring bottle can be recycled. We know people who love Highland Spring are committed to recycling at home. Please help us recycle more when you’re out and about.

We’re also proud to support Hubbub – an environmental charity that aims to change behavior to reduce litter and improve recycling rates.

An initiative developed by Hubbub is ‘For Fishes Sake’ which aims reduce litter in the River Thames and improve recycling rates. Here, we’re doing our bit to help them make sure our waterways and oceans are respected.

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