A Source for Good

High in the beautiful Scottish Ochil Hills, you’ll find the source of Highland Spring water. Since the 1970s, we’ve protected the land and the source. Not because we have to, but because it’s a good thing to do. Just rolling hills, rainfall and not much else. As such, we were the first spring water whose land was awarded organic status by The Soil Association. So when it comes to our spring water, nothing but Mother Nature touches it.

Here are a few more facts you might not know about Highland Spring…

Water Fit for Royalty

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The little village of Blackford in Perthshire where we’re based, has long had a reputation for its fine spring water. In fact, back in 1503 King James IV of Scotland pronounced that the local beer, made with water drawn from the same land as Highland Spring, was to be his coronation ale. We always knew it was fit for a king.

Bee for Beehives

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Our organic land is free of pesticides and pollution, so the native wildlife have a safe place to call to home. The same is true for the thousands of bees we care for in the 12 beehives on our heather hillsides at Highland Spring HQ. We’re proud supporters of small Scottish company Plan Bee who install beehives to protect and grow the endangered bee population. So while we’re busy bottling pure spring water, the bees are busy making pure Scottish heather honey.

Great British Talent

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We all know that staying hydrated enhances sporting performance, which is why we’ve always had a reputation for recognising rising sporting talent. Over the years, we’ve been proud to sponsor incredible sports stars like Stephen Hendry, Andy and Jamie Murray and Sir Chris Hoy. Let’s raise a glass (of Highland Spring) to them!

Watering the Woodlands

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We’ve protected our water source and land for over 35 years, which is why we are proud to have worked with the Woodland Trust. This great charity campaigns to protect ancient woods and create new native woodland around the UK, inspiring people to visit and enjoy our beautiful natural heritage. The last three years has seen us help the Woodland Trust to plant the around 50 hectares of woodland – that’s the equivalent of 125 football pitches!

Rain, Hail, Shine... Water

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Just as the rain rarely stops in Scotland, neither do our loyal, hard-working Water Resource Management Team. Frank, Steve and John have the crucial job of keeping a watchful eye on our water source. They take it in turns to trek up the breathtaking Ochil Hills 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to ensure our water remains as pure as can be.

Ribbeting News

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We don’t usually recommend re-using our Highland Spring bottles. However, in Froglife Scotland’s case we’re happy to make an exception. This small charity is focused on conserving the native amphibian and reptile species that play such a big part in our natural environment. They’ve found that empty 1.5L Highland Spring bottles make the perfect nesting boxes for newts. That’s one great way of recycling. We’re happy to report the next generation is thriving.

Anyone for Tennis? Yes – 142,000 Kids Apparently!

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Our links to sport are well known – ten years ago we teamed up with the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) to help get kids active through tennis. In recent years we were proud sponsors of Andy Murray and work with coach Judy Murray to introduce tennis to families throughout the UK. Since 2011, we’ve been title sponsors of Mini Tennis. So we’re thrilled to announce that since launch, the number of children taking part in Highland Spring Mini Tennis is now at 142,000, at over 1,000 venues nationwide. Game, set and a lot of matches!

Raindrops Keep Falling On... The Ochil Hills

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We bottle a lot of pure natural, spring water. But not as much as you might imagine. Did you know we extracted only 3% of the total rainfall that descended on our Ochil Hills catchment area in 2015? The rain keeps falling though, so while it might be bad news for sun worshippers, the good news is there’s plenty of Highland Spring to go around for years to come.

The Land of Plenty

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When you produce water as pure as Highland Spring, it’s only natural that you want to protect the source of your water and the land it’s drawn from. And that’s exactly what we do here in the Scottish Ochil Hills. So much so that we were the first spring water whose land enjoyed organic status as awarded by The Soil Association.