Water Source

Originating page (Drawn from organic land)

Drawn from organic land

It’s no mystery why Highland Spring is the favourite UK bottled water brand. We bottle what nature gives us and bring it straight to you.

That may sound easy, but the hard part is making sure that nothing gets in nature’s way. We go to great lengths to look after the source of our water, keeping it pure and protected from anything and everything that doesn’t grow, hop or nibble at the wild heathers and grass that cover our land.

That’s why we’re very proud to be recognised by the Soil Association who, in 2001, named the source of Highland Spring in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, as certified organic land. Not only are there precious few of these accreditations in the UK, we’re the only major bottled water brand that draws water from this special type of land.

In everything we do, we try to protect the environment around us. This is why The Good Shopping Guide has named Highland Spring the leading ethical bottled water brand in the UK for seven years running.

Originating page (How our water becomes wonderful)

How our water becomes wonderful

Filtration Diagram (Transparent) - With Rain

1. The heavens open

It’s probably no surprise that the reliable Scottish rain fills us with joy. And when it falls, it meets nothing but the unspoilt grasses, brush, and heather of our organic land before trickling into the huge natural filter below – layer upon layer of basalt packed with millions of little cracks. So begins the water’s long journey to becoming Highland Spring.

2. Before flawlessly filtering

The purifying basalt does wonderful things to the water, but without the layer of sandstone further down the hill it would all be for nothing. This impermeable rock ensures that only water that falls on the upper slopes enters the natural filter, protecting the source that fills Highland Spring with such goodness.

3. Every drip…drip…drip

Now, it takes time for water to be pure enough to be deemed Highland Spring. An extraordinary 15 years trickling its way through the basalt in fact. After all that time together it’s no surprise that it takes on some of the rock’s characteristics – minute quantities of minerals that makes Highland Spring taste so refreshingly…Highland Spring.

4. Eventually, carefully captured.

It’s a long time coming, but it’s worth the wait. To make sure that we bottle only the purest spring water, our boreholes reach down more than 65m, deep into the basalt layer and bring it gently to the surface. We collect less than 3% of the water that falls on our land. As with everything we do, we act sustainably, hand-in-hand with nature to minimise our impact on our special surroundings.

When nature makes something this pure and wonderful, the secret is finding every which way to leave it untouched. This is why from the source to your lips, nothing but Mother Nature touches it.