Brave by Nature

Bee for Beehives

Our organic land is free of pesticides and pollution, so the native wildlife have a safe place to call home. The same is true for the thousands of bees we care for in the 12 beehives on our heather hillsides at Highland Spring HQ. We’re proud supporters of small Scottish company Plan Bee who install beehives to protect and grow the endangered bee population. 

So while we’re busy bottling pure spring water, the bees are busy making pure Scottish heather honey.

Ribbeting News

We don’t usually recommend re-using our Highland Spring bottles. However, in Froglife Scotland’s case we’re happy to make an exception. This small charity is focused on conserving the native amphibian and reptile species that play such a big part in our natural environment. They’ve found that empty 1.5L Highland Spring bottles make the perfect nesting boxes for newts. That’s one great way of recycling. We’re happy to report the next generation is thriving.

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