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Introducing The Highland Spring Hydration Challenge

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Hydration is essential to our wellbeing. It may help us to feel more alert, concentrate and feel more like our natural selves. Although it’s recommended that an adult drinks an average of 2 litres of fluid a day*, in our busy, always-on lives, it’s easy to forget.

So alongside our 10 litre hydration pack - plus our nifty new 5 litre edition (which makes accessing natural source Scottish water easier than ever) we’re delighted to once again be running our Highland Spring hydration challenge, this year in partnership with Fearne Cotton.

It’s easy to take part in the challenge and you can begin it whenever suits you. The concept is simple. Drink 10 glasses of water* (or other fluids, such as herbal tea) every day for 10 days. Feel better, start a new healthy habit. Don't forget to keep an eye on the Highland Spring social channels for daily inspiration to help you throughout the challenge.

Thirst Isn’t The Only Indicator Of Not Being Properly Hydrated

One way to help to tell if your body needs some TLC is by checking the colour of your pee.

This handy at-a-glance colour scale** has been created in close partnership with Pantone Color Institute’s global team of ‘colour experts’ and is based on guidance from nutritionist Lily Soutter (who uses the NHS Nutrition and Dietetics Urine Colour chart). This colour guide can be used to help indicate healthy hydration.


*The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends an adequate daily intake of water (from food and drink consumption) of 2.5 litres of water for men and 2.0 litres of water for women, in conditions of moderate environmental temperature and moderate physical activity. Different levels apply to children, and pregnant/lactating women. To some a good starting place might look like 10 small glasses of around 200ml per day but volume required will vary from person to person.
**Colours based on the NHS Nutrition and Dietetics Urine Colour chart. The urine colour guide and the Natural 10 Challenge are only an illustrative guide and are not intended as advice which should be relied upon. Various factors can change the colour of urine, such as diet, supplements etc. If an individual is concerned about the colour of their urine, they should consult a medical professional for advice. Highland Spring is not a medical expert, nor are they providing medical advice, if concerned seek advice from a medical expert.