Brave by Nature

Bee for Beehives

Our organic land is free of pesticides and pollution, so the native wildlife have a safe place to call home. The same is true for the thousands of bees we care for in the 12 beehives on our heather hillsides at Highland Spring HQ. We’re proud supporters of small Scottish company Plan Bee who install beehives to protect and grow the endangered bee population. 

So while we’re busy bottling pure spring water, the bees are busy making pure Scottish heather honey.

Ribbeting News

We don’t usually recommend re-using our Highland Spring bottles. However, in Froglife Scotland’s case we’re happy to make an exception. This small charity is focused on conserving the native amphibian and reptile species that play such a big part in our natural environment. They’ve found that empty 1.5L Highland Spring bottles make the perfect nesting boxes for newts. That’s one great way of recycling. We’re happy to report the next generation is thriving.

Protecting our land

Protecting the environment we call home is something which has always been important to us. Highland Spring is drawn from protected land certified as organic by the Soil Association. Free from development, pesticides and pollution, so the native wildlife has a safe place to call home. We also work with Plan Bee who install beehives to protect and grow the vital bee population. 

And the wider environment

Marine litter is a growing problem, and we all need to do our bit to make sure our waterways and oceans are respected. It starts with each of us carefully disposing of the things we’re finished with. This is something we’re very passionate about and we’re excited to be working with Hubbub, an environmental charity that’s all about encouraging us to make better choices when it comes to the environment and recycling. And we’re supporting Keep Scotland Beautiful with their ‘Give your Litter a Lift’ campaign. Hopefully, we’ll encourage more drivers to dispose of their litter responsibly.

From smaller initiatives like Froglife where we give bottles to be re-used as nesting boxes for newts, right up to new and exciting city-wide anti-littering campaigns. There’s more we can all do to think mindfully about what we use. 

Sustainable Innovation 

Along with bottled water members of the Natural Hydration Council and other soft drinks producers, Highland Spring is working with the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability leadership to design a road map to eliminate plastic waste from the soft drinks sector. The report works through medium and long term approaches that the soft drinks industry should work on together, collaborating across industry and Governments to make significant steps to eliminate plastic waste. To speed change in thinking we’re also trialling an eco bottle made from 100% recycled* plastic.

*Bottle is 100% recycled plastic. Label and cap are not made from recycled plastic. Bottle, label and cap are 100% recyclable.

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