Every bottle deserves a second chance

Because we love our environment, we’re proud to say that every single Highland Spring bottle can be recycled. We know people who love Highland Spring are committed to recycling at home. Will you help us recycle more when you’re out and about?

Your bottle will love you for it

When you’ve enjoyed your Highland Spring, please squash your bottle and find a nearby recycling bin. Or, pop it in your bag, take it home and make sure your pre-loved bottle is recycled there.  

For more tips on where to recycle click here.

For any recycling specific questions please email recyclenow@wrap.org.uk

From beginning to end

At our end we’ve signed Wrap’s Plastic Pact.  This is a commitment to work with the UK Government, NGOs and other like-minded businesses from across the entire plastics value chain to create a truly reusable economy for plastic. Keeping what’s created in a loop for use and re-use. 

Packaging innovation

Since 2005 we have reduced the weight of the plastic we use in our bottles by 13.9%. We also blow all our plastic bottles at our base in the Ochil Hills, to reduce additional road miles. Highland Spring Sparkling glass bottles contain at least 80% recycled glass. By making sure they find their way back to recycling bins they can be used time and again.

Eco bottle 

Talking about going for something new. Our new eco bottle is made from 100% recycled* plastic. Good quality recycled plastic is still in limited supply in the UK. We’re hoping our trial is another step along the road to change. 

If you see one in stores, let us know what you think. 

*Bottle is 100% recycled plastic. Label and cap are not made from recycled plastic.

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