Stuck in your very own version of Groundhog Day?

We took an in depth look into the nation’s daily routines and discovered the extent to which we are creatures of habit, with 67 percent of us saying we are “stuck in a rut”. Our research has even shown that nine in ten of us are facing daily déjà vu, living our very own version of Groundhog Day.

While routine is comforting, it can be a major cause of boredom and demotivation. Many of our routine day-to-day activities are completed on 'autopilot' mode which has also been shown to stifle creativity.  

That’s why we are encouraging the nation to shake up their everyday making small changes, setting new goals and challenges outside of our regular comfort zone - however small. These can inspire you, make you feel more creative and more satisfied with life overall, improving both your self-esteem and your self-confidence.  

We believe we are all naturally driven to do more and being hydrated can help you make the most of everyday. 

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Shake Up Your Routine:

Highland Spring’s H20omph campaign encourages the nation to celebrate life by venturing outside of their comfort zone, just a little bit. It's all about balance - with small changes making surprisingly significant differences to our quality of life and ultimate well-being.

Jo Hemmings, Behavioural Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) has degrees from the Universities of Warwick and London. Jo is the UK’s best known and respected Celebrity Psychologist and a regular on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and This Morning.

Jo says: “There are so many quick and easy, big and small ways we can mix things up and make the most of everyday.

Jo Hemmings’s Seven Handy Tips to Life with H2Oomph

  1. Add a twist to your journey - Take a routine work day and shake it up a bit. More than 42% of us take the same route to work every day and 26% order the same coffee every morning. Order a different style coffee or buy or make yourself an unusual lunch. Try varying your journey - small changes can make big improvements in our daily routine.
  2. Switch the channel - Most of us have TV channels we NEVER watch. In fact, 54% of us watch the same TV show on the same channel, over and over. If you like a certain genre of TV - like documentaries, crime dramas or reality shows - there's a wealth of new shows and series out there - you're in for a treat! Watch a scary movie or TV show for an adrenaline rush.
  3. Tune in to something new - 42% of us are tuned in to the same station we have listened to forever.  Programme some new ones, whether music or talk shows or try out a podcast. It will provide entertainment, information and keep your brain alert. Get into what sports psychologists call “The Zone”, which is a state of improved focus and performance and it could help you achieve even more from your day. 
  4. Be bold. Try a new activity - 12% of us also take the kids to the same activities each week and even when you enjoy a weekly yoga class or swim at the local baths, shake up your ‘same-old, same-old’ active routine. There are probably classes in your local area you haven’t ever considered (or, in some cases, even heard of). It’s fun! Enjoy a rush of adrenalin as you try doing something new, overcome fear and take the power back. You could even discover a hidden talent. Don’t forget to ensure you are adequately hydrated before you get active and sip water at regular intervals.
  5. Holiday with H2Oomph - Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of us have booked the same holiday more than once and typically we go back to our favourite destination FIVE times. Rather than going back to the same holiday destination time and time again, simply take the ingredients that you like, whether that's a beach, child friendly hotel, sightseeing or a wild-life break, type them into a search engine and see what new and unexplored adventures await. Or put shortlisted locations in a hat, take a chance and leave it in the hands of the little-uns to decide!
  6. Strut out of that rut - Many of us are stuck in a rut style-wise as the research showed that nearly a third of us are wearing the same clothes every day or week. We know what hair colour or cut suits us and the clothes that we feel most comfortable in. But a change in image can make us feel and look younger and fresher and that makes for healthy self-esteem. Take a trusted friend with you to the shops or ask your hairdresser to recommend something a little bit different.
  7. Call people more often - While we may be slaves to our smartphone, willingly or otherwise, how often do we use it to make an actual phone call? Instead of a having a text conversation with family or friends, just give them a spontaneous phone call, people appreciate it more than you might think!”