Kids run on water

It’s hard work growing up to be big and strong. There’s exploring to be done, trees to be climbed and balls that endlessly need to be chased around the park.

So it’s no wonder that your little ones need plenty of water every single day to keep them going. From the age of six months, it’s fine for babies and toddlers to drink any natural source bottled water (without the need for boiling), such as Highland Spring.

Our Highland Spring 330ml handy pack, with their easy to drink from caps, are just the thing to encourage them to stay hydrated with the proper amount of water.

With our handy downloadable water chart it’ll be much easier to keep track of how much water your children are drinking (and make sure it’s enough!)

EFSA’s recommendations for water intake for children. Note that these values include water from both food and drinks (amounts from drinks only have been estimated).

SexAge groupAmount of fluid from 
drinks and food 
Amount of fluid 
from drinks only 
Boys and girls2-3 years1.30.9-1.0
Boys and girls4-8 years1.61.1-1.3
Girls9-13 years1.91.3-1.5
Boys9-13 years2.11.5-1.7
Female14-18 years2.01.4-1.6
Male14-18 years2.51.8-2.0

Source: EFSA (2010)
*It is estimated that 70-80% of the recommended amount of fluid comes from drinks and 20-30% from food. 
**Estimated amounts of fluid from beverages only.

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