Get Kids Active with Highland Spring’s Free Activity Guides

Keeping kids occupied, getting them active and ensuring that they get enough fresh air can all be big challenges. At Highland Spring, we understand that, so we’ve created these free, handy and downloadable activity guides to offer ideas, tips and even wildlife facts.

Get active. Get outdoors. Get inspired.

Our natural source spring water comes from the beautiful natural surroundings of Scotland’s Ochil Hills. We care for and maintain our land to ensure that our water remains pure and crystal clear.

Our appreciation for nature and the way it inspires us is something that we want to pass on to the next generation. That’s why we hope that some of the ideas in these guides will help to do just that. Whatever your kids are interested in, we think there’s an activity here that can grab their attention.

Our guides cover all of these fun and exciting ideas:

  • How to lay a clue trail
  • Make a storytelling stick
  • Build a brilliant den
  • Make a recycled jet pack
  • Build a pair of recycled binoculars
  • Play a game of birdwatch bingo

Do these sound like the kind of things that your kids would enjoy? Then why not go ahead and visit our Kids Hub to download our free Kids Activity Guides.