Highland Spring Eco Pack Shows We Won't Shrink From the Task

At Highland Spring, our commitment to sustainability means that we are always at the forefront of packaging innovations in the food and drinks industry. This extends beyond the efforts we have already made with products like our Eco Bottle and into areas such as the shrink wrapping these products come in.

What is the Highland Spring Eco Pack?

Our Highland Spring Eco Pack is our most environmentally sustainable multipack to date as it features a new, 100% recycled plastic shrink wrap. This is another step in our journey towards using 100% recycled materials across our full Highland Spring portfolio of products.

The Eco Pack contains 12 x 500ml bottles of Highland Spring natural source spring water and is clearly labelled, so that you can differentiate it on the shelf and make the most sustainable choice

Can the shrink wrap in our Eco Pack be recycled?

Shrink wrap is traditionally manufactured from a type of plastic named LDPE and is fully recyclable. The shrink wrap around our Eco Pack - as with all Highland Spring shrink wrap - can be recycled when returned to supermarkets with plastic bags and other secondary packaging. As well as this, all Highland Spring bottles are 100% recyclable and are collected nationwide by local authorities or can be returned to wide-spread recycling points.

There is still work to be done on recycling infrastructure in the UK. Improving this will ensure that shrink wrap can be readily recycled as part of a consistent household kerbside collection and then re-processed into other materials. This will mean that the shrink wrap remains in the recycling loop.

As such, Highland Spring is continuing to call for the wider capture of shrink wrap, to harness its benefits and to increase the availability of recycled materials.