Highland Spring Home Games

We all know that keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve created a series of fun challenges that you and the family can do at home or in the garden with things you find around the house (like bottles of Highland Spring, of course).

What are our Home Games challenges

We have eight different challenges for you to try so by the time you’ve worked your way through all of them you’ll definitely know who is the true ‘champion of champions’ in your household! The challenges are:

  • Fast Walk
  • Sponge Pass
  • Human Wrecking Ball
  • Bottle Bowling
  • Tube Race
  • Spud Drop
  • Cookie Catch
  • Bottle Flip

      How can you get the edge in the challenges?

      It can be hard to remember to drink water when you’re at home. But you should, as it’s good for you! If you’re competing in our Home Games, staying hydrated might give you an advantage over others too… and even help you win. Of course, it’s the taking part that counts. But that might not be what you’re saying when you’re lifting up your trophy at the end of the day!

      Are you ready to take part? Then download our Home Games Challenges.