Highland Spring Launches New 100% Natural Fruit Flavour Sparkling Cans

We are delighted to be launching a new product line that will allow you to enjoy the sparkling refreshment of natural source spring water combined with the uplifting zing of natural fruit flavours.

What flavours are our new fruit cans available in?

Our new fruit flavour sparkling cans come in a 330ml size and will initially comprise two different delicately balanced flavours:

  • Blackberry, Plum & Hibiscus
  • Pear & Elderflower

Later in the year we will also be introducing another exciting flavour variety - Rhubarb & Ginger.

What’s in each can?

Each delicious combination uses only 100% natural flavours and contains no added sugar. Blackberry, Plum & Hibiscus comes in at only 33 calories a can, while Pear & Elderflower has even less, at only 30 calories a can. This means that the range offers a perfect guilt-free treat for when you feel in need of some refreshingly fruity upliftment.

We have worked carefully on each flavour to ensure that they all taste as natural as the ingredients that have gone into them. When it comes to delivering both a deliciously refreshing experience and a healthy one, we refuse to compromise.

Rich blackberry, sweet plum and floral hibiscus all balance beautifully to ensure a lip-smackingly rewarding experience whether you’re enjoying your Highland Spring Sparkling Fruit Can on its own or with food.

Equally, the combination of sweet pear and floral, citrusy elderflower blends together flavours of autumn and spring to create an explosion of taste that can be savoured all year round.

Great for at home or on the go

Whether you’re at home and reaching into the fridge for a freshly chilled can or you’re on the go and reaching into your rucksack for a beautifully bubbly boost, Highland Spring Sparkling Fruit Cans are a convenient, refreshing and healthy option.