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One of the many things that makes us special is our protected, organically accredited catchment area – stretching across over 2,500 acres of the beautiful Ochil Hills in Perthshire. The land has nothing but nature on it and allows the rainfall to filter naturally over many years through the rock to depths of up to 300 feet before making its way to our bottling plant and into bottles in its natural source condition.

We were the first natural source water brand to receive organic accreditation from The Soil Association for our protected catchment area, which we have held since 2001. This accreditation is a symbol of trust and means our land can support and encourage more wildlife and demonstrates our commitment to responsible land and water stewardship. The Good Shopping Guide has named Highland Spring the leading ethical bottled water brand in the UK for sixteen years running.

Our biodiversity programme aims to protect and support nature by increasing the flora, fauna and wildlife on our land. We’re  currently working with charity Forth Rivers Trust on this programme and have planted over 2,200 trees in the last 12 months  which helps with natural flood management and provides an all year round food source, and shelter, for a variety of insects and mammals.