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Highland Spring About Us. Healthy Hydration.

Our mission is to provide healthy
in an environmentally sustainable way

Our manifesto

You couldn’t ask for a more down-to-earth pick-me-up. Nature’s magic potion. With Highland Spring, you can drink it as nature made it. Pure tasting. Clear. Refreshing. Sourced directly from 2,500 acres of wild, rugged, protected land. Where it’s been filtering through the rock for 15 years.

Nature’s done the hard work – we just bottle it.

About Highland Spring. Managing Director Simon Oldham.
Highland Spring Healthy Hydration - Rain drops.

Replenished by rainfall

For as long as the heavens open above Scotland’s majestic landscapes, we’ll keep on providing spring water that keeps you physically and mentally refreshed*.

*Water from all sources contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions, when you drink at least 2L per day. (Source: NHS)

Highland Spring - Guardians of the Land. Head of Technical Alex Haken.

We are guardians of the land

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to help protect a part of Scotland’s ancient Ochil Hills. We believe in sharing the pure tasting water from this beautiful landscape. And we believe in the good in the world – both in nature and in the people around us.
Highland Spring Ochil Hills. Healthy Hydration.

How we came to be

Though the Ochil Hills date back hundreds of millions of years, it won’t surprise you to learn that Highland Spring is a much more recent arrival.

The company was formed in 1979 by the same family that owns it today. Back then, the market for bottled water was a drop in the ocean – less than 30 million litres a year. Yet even in those early days, no farming of any sort was permitted on the catchment site at the Ochil Hills. The focus was always simple: natural source spring water that’s as pure as it possibly could be.

In 2001, our diligent protection of the land was rewarded with organic accreditation by the Soil Association – a standard which we continue to maintain.

These days we’re one of the UK’s largest suppliers of natural source water, bottling over 500 million litres a year and employing over 400 people. It’s a long way from where we started, but our focus is the same as it ever was. Nature knows what it’s doing: we just help bring its bounty to the world.