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Highland Spring - spring water from a natural source

Nature does the hard work, we just capture it

Highland Spring Still Water 500ml
Ochil Hills in Scotland

Our spring water? It falls from the sky and flows through the earth, where it is carefully drawn from protected land.

Our supplier*
…the skies above.

We’re reliant on rainfall to replenish our stock. Fortunately, we’re not usually short of that in Scotland. When the heavens open, the rain hits the unspoiled grass, bush and heather of our organic land, then trickles beneath the surface for the next stage of its journey.

*Nature does the hard work, we just capture it

Our factory*
…all 2,500 acres of it.

The Ochil Hills, Scotland. Rugged, natural, protected land. We keep it free from pesticides and human habitation. So, we know that the water we draw there is as pure as it possibly can be.

*Nature does the hard work, we bottle it just down the road

Our filter system*
…the Ochil Hills, formed 400 million years ago.

It’s an all-natural process that was in place long before we arrived on the scene, and we’re doing our best to make sure it’s here long after us. Rainfall is naturally filtered through layers of Old Red Sandstone and Basalt by gravity. By the time it reaches us, it’s had plenty of filtering – about 15 years’ worth.

*It takes 15 years to filter through the rock, we bottle it just down the road

That’s the magic part

The rest is the process of bottling, boxing and canning it, popping it on a train or a truck, and waving goodbye. And when nature does its thing again, so do we. We draw less than 3% of the rain that falls on our land.
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Highland Spring Sparkling Water - perfect as a cocktail mixer.

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Highland Spring - supporting the local community.

The Wider World

We’re committed to playing our part in protecting the planet and supporting local communities – far beyond the hills we look after.
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