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Our glass is always half full

Even when it’s empty. Because our elegant bottles bring a dash of joyous Scottish spirit to special occasions – as well as spring water from the Ochil Hills, obviously.

Highland Spring Glass Bottled Water 750ml.

For guests, colleagues, and pals

Carry a pack or a bottle to add a touch of glass to your table.

Nothing beats nature

But sometimes presentation matters just as much as what’s inside. Spring water’s never looked better than this.

Average Analysis at source mg/L
Bicarbonate 150
Calcium 40.5
Chloride 6.1
Magnesium 10.1
Nitrate (as NO3) 3.1
Potassium 0.7
Sodium 5.6
Sulphate 5.3
Dry residue 180°C 170
Bottle sizes

Available in a 750ml bottle for making a big splash, or a 330ml pack for a smaller drop of refreshment.

  • 330ml /
  • 750ml


Every Highland Spring glass bottle can be recycled – so you can give them another life.
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