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Drink it as nature made it

Crystal clear spring water in 100% recycled* bottles. Sourced directly from 2,500 acres of wild, rugged, organic land.

*excluding cap and label

Pure tasting. Clear. Refreshing.

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic*, our bottle is your friendly companion, ready to join you on every adventure life throws your way.

*excluding cap and label

Highland Spring 100% recycled Product Range

Nothing beats nature

Spring water sourced directly from 2,500 acres of wild, rugged, organic land in 100% recycled bottles*.

*excluding cap and label

Average Analysis at source mg/L
Bicarbonate 150
Calcium 40.5
Chloride 6.1
Magnesium 10.1
Nitrate (as NO3) 3.1
Potassium 0.7
Sodium 5.6
Sulphate 5.3
Dry residue 180°C 170
Bottle sizes

Available in screw cap:

  • 500ml /
  • 1.5L

Available in sports cap:

  • 750ml /
  • 1L


Every Highland Spring bottle can be recycled – so you can give them another life.
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