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Unbox two and a half thousand acres of nature

You don’t have to live in nature to enjoy the water that springs from it. We’ve boxed it so you can take it on the go – from the kitchen to the park. Or wherever else you fancy.

Highland Spring Boxed Water 5L Hydration Pack.

Our favourite decanters

Just push the tap and it’s almost like you’re right here with us, in Scotland,  at the untouched Ochil Hills.

Highland Spring Boxed Water in a 5L or 10L decanter.

Nothing beats nature

We can’t capture the sweeping majesty of the Ochil Hills in cardboard boxes, but they’re pretty handy for bringing you its water.

Average Analysis at source mg/L
Bicarbonate 150
Calcium 40.5
Chloride 6.1
Magnesium 10.1
Nitrate (as NO3) 3.1
Potassium 0.7
Sodium 5.6
Sulphate 5.3
Dry residue 180°C 170
Box sizes

Our boxes come in two handy sizes, for a taste of the Ochil Hills on the go.

  • 5L /
  • 10L


The cardboard outer is fully recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council certified. The plastic inner can also be recycled – so the whole package can go on to live another life.
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