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Responsible recycling

At Highland Spring, providing healthy hydration in an environmentally sustainable way is our top priority. That means we are committed to looking after both the land from which we draw our water, and the environment around it.

We are very proud that our work in this area has been recognised by The Good Shopping Guide, which commissions an annual ethical audit undertaken by The Ethical Company Organisation. The Good Shopping Guide has named Highland Spring the leading ethical bottled water brand in the UK for fifteen years running.

We want everyone to know that every single Highland Spring bottle can be recycled, giving them another life.

We are partnering with Hubbub on innovative campaigns in Leeds, Swansea and Edinburgh to encourage recycling on-the-go. Similarly, we have worked with Keep Scotland Beautiful on a funnel bin project along key highways in Scotland with the aim of reducing litter amongst tourists.

We are supporting the Scottish and UK Governments on the introduction of well-designed Deposit Return Schemes for Scotland, England and Wales, which will help reduce litter and increase recycling rates.