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Why plastic?

Reliable, flexible, recyclable – there are many good reasons why we use PET plastic.  PET is a strong, lightweight plastic that’s virtually unbreakable and shatterproof. It means our bottles are completely safe for carrying on-the-go or during exercise. PET is also very good at retaining carbonation and freshness – so it protects the quality of our water. 

PET plastic is a valuable material – so we encourage everyone to responsibly recycle, to ensure it stays in the loop.  All Highland Spring bottles and caps are recyclable, almost all UK local authorities accept plastic bottles as part of their household collection scheme. Where they do not, bottles can be taken to local household waste and recycling centres. There are also recycling bins in town centres and shopping centres to keep bottles in the loop while you’re on-the-go.   

Switching all current consumption of plastic packaging, on a like for like basis, to other currently-used materials could almost triple carbon emissions.  Instead, we are long term supporters of an efficient and effective deposit return scheme in the UK. This would reduce litter, improve the collection and recycling of drinks packaging and create new bottles and cans. 

As a responsible business we are focused on reducing the amount of packaging we use, through lightweighting. Plus, we’re increasing the amount of recycled PET plastic in our bottles as more becomes available – to contribute to creating a truly circular UK economy. 

We’re working together with all stakeholders – from businesses to government and consumers – to encourage increased recycling rates and responsible disposal. Our aim is for all Highland Spring bottles to be recycled – so they can stay in the loop and be given another life.