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At Highland Spring, providing healthy hydration in an environmentally sustainable way is our top priority. That means we are committed to looking after both the land from which we draw our water, and the environment around it.

We are very proud that our work in this area has been recognised by The Good Shopping Guide, which commissions an annual ethical audit undertaken by The Ethical Company Organisation. The Good Shopping Guide has named Highland Spring the leading ethical bottled water brand in the UK for twelve years running.

Read on to learn more about our commitment to environmental sustainability and the actions we are taking as a responsible business.

Our Packaging Unwrapped

A big question we are often asked is, ‘why are you still using PET plastic?’. A lot of work at Highland Spring goes into thinking about the packaging we use for our water, and we have chosen PET based on the fact that, perhaps surprisingly, it is still the most environmentally sustainable option, all things considered. 

PET is a strong, lightweight plastic, both virtually unbreakable and shatterproof. This makes it an excellent choice for natural source water as it is completely safe for carrying whilst on-the-go or participating in sporting activities. Its ability to retain carbonation and freshness also protects the quality of our water.

PET plastic is also 100% recyclable and almost all local authorities in the UK accept plastic bottles as part of their household collection scheme. Where they do not, the bottles can be taken to a local household waste and recycling centre. They can also be recycled in recycling bins in town centres and shopping centres.

We were also the first major brand to introduce a bottle made from 100% recycled PET. Our Eco Bottle range is 100% recycled plastic (cap and label excluded), while also being 100% recyclable. The eco bottle is available in a 50cl, 75cl and kids format, and we have also recently introduced a new sparkling eco bottle. Our glass sparkling water bottles are made of at least 80% recycled glass too.

Responsible Recycling

We want everyone to know that every single Highland Spring bottle can be recycled, giving them another life.

We are partnering with Hubbub on innovative campaigns in Leeds, Swansea and Edinburgh to encourage recycling on-the-go. Similarly, we have worked with Keep Scotland Beautiful on a funnel bin project along key highways in Scotland with the aim of reducing litter amongst tourists.

We are supporting the Scottish and UK Governments on the introduction of well-designed Deposit Return Schemes for Scotland, England and Wales, which will help reduce litter and increase recycling rates.

At industry level, we have set ourselves the target of working with partners to achieve a 90% recycling rate for bottled water and soft drinks packaging by 2025.

Organic Land

Every drop of Highland Spring comes from the majestic Ochil Hills, where it is carefully drawn from 2,500 acres of protected land. 

We keep the land free from any kind of pollution, pesticides or habitation to ensure the water we draw is as pure as can be. In fact, Highland Spring was the first natural source bottled water brand in the UK to have its catchment area certified as organic by the Soil Association. This accreditation is a symbol of trust, and means our catchment area can support and encourage more wildlife.

Sustainable Source

We currently only harvest 3% of our catchment area’s annual rainfall, ensuring its long-term sustainability as a water source and maintaining the delicate balance of the natural ecosystem. 

Our catchment area falls within the Blackford farms estate where 500,000 trees, a mixture of conifers and hardwoods, have been planted on it’s land.

Moving Forward

As a brand, we are continually innovating to find and implement the most sustainable ways for you to enjoy our natural source water. This includes

·        Continued expansion of our Highland Spring eco bottle range

·        Increasing the amount of recycled plastic in our packaging

·        Working with industry to achieve a 90% recycling rate for bottled water and soft drinks packaging.

·        Investing in our new rail freight facility which will enable the business to transport goods in an environmentally sustainable way, reduce our carbon footprint by 3,200 tonnes and remove approximately 8,000 trucks from the road a year.

Whether plastic, cans or glass, overall, we believe it’s about harnessing the benefits of the materials and working together with all stakeholders – from businesses to government and consumers – to encourage increased recycling rates and responsible disposal.

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